Check your oil level by eye

It’s always important to keep a good oil level for the car’s health.  If the car doesn’t have an automatic detection of the oil level, you can check it yourself and see when the level is very low or dropping. Depending from car to car, you have to detect the location of the engine dipstick and compare it with the markings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the car is not parked on an angle or the readings will be wrong. Raise the car’s hood and fix it with the prop. To have the best reading, let the car rest for night or for a long period of time.  If the car was used and the oil used was a thin one, the reading might be off
  2. Identify the dipstick.  Use the user manual if you have trouble finding it. Look for a yellow or orange O-shaped pull tab.
  3. After locating it pull out the metal strip. Now check the dipstick. Look for markings like “low” and “full”. Other cars may have other indicators.
  4. Now introduce the dipstick inside the tube and verify the markings. If it’s bellow “full” you may add new oil. If there’s nothing to read, than definitely fill the engine with oil before driving the car.
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