Cleaning car windows

The windows of your car get dirty very easy , either form driving, or simply from sitting in the garage. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to clean them. All you need is a glass cleaner and cleaning towels.

There are 3 steps to clean the glass of your vehicle. Firstly, take soap and water and wash the entire car. Use cotton rugs because they are soft and absorbent and they don’t scratch even if you scrub. It’s advisable to firstly clean the interior of the car, starting with the doors. In this way, the dirt and dust don’t go back on the cleaned windows.

Secondly, clean the glass on the inside and outside with the glass cleaner. Last, use a clean cotton rag and wipe the car. It’s recommended to clean the car on an overcast day, because if you clean the car in sunlight, streaks can be left on the warm glass.

Go on the passenger’s seat for cleaning the inside of the windshield. Take a cotton rug and damp it into a bit of cleaner and then wipe the windshield. The wiping should be down up and down, in long even strokes. Take a dry cloth and buff. Pay attention when cleaning the rear-window mirror.

Then move to the side windows. In case the window is in a frame, roll it so that you can see the top. Start with the top, then roll it back and clean what’s left. Clean attentively the corners as most smears and streaks are attracted here. Clean the side mirrors on the driver’s and passenger’s side also.

In the end clean the inside of the rear window. You can clean the corners and the edges with the back of the hand. Push the cloth to the place you need to clean.
If the car is old, you canĀ  remove the dirt and grime from the corners with a toothbrush and few glass cleaner.

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