Clutch problems

Without the clutch, there’s no car, therefore being a very used part there often appear problems with it. Problems appear with age and use, or simply because of the components.

– Slippage

This problem occurs if you feel the car moves slowly even if the car is in a higher gear, or when climbing a hill.

Usually because of the clutch disc’s usage the clutch starts to slip. It’s recommended to change the clutch disc immediately because it will only cause more problems. To be sure check the pressure plate too for any damage.

– Release

This problem may prevent the driver from getting the car into gear. All this happens because if the clutch doesn’t get up it still turns the input shaft. The problem may be caused by a misplaced piece such as the clutch disc. Or maybe the release cable is loose or corroded. The last option is to check the pedal itself.

– “Softness” of the clutch

When the pedal feels soft it generally means there is a problem within the brake fluid reservoir. If the brake liquid is consumed then the reservoir is linked to the clutch master cylinder. All this goes to creating air in the system therefore the “softness” of the clutch. The solution would be to fill the reservoir.

– Noise

Usually when the clutch makes a squealing noise this is a result of a problem with the bearings in the clutch system. The solution of course is to change the faulty bearings.

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