Different air brake pods

Also called air brake chambers, these are the components that help stopping a truck when braking. It can be a front-brake chamber or a rear spring-brake chamber.

  1. Front-brake chamber

This is usually mounted on the front side being composed of a single diaphragm.

Size is very important being directly linked to the output pressure on the rod and the stopping time. So big means a shorter stopping time, and small means it may not be enough to stop it.

  1. Rear spring-brake chamber

They are consisted of two chambers: the spring-brake chamber and the service brake chamber. The spring brake pushes the rod into the slack adjuster casing the stopping, in case there’s no air pressure build up in the system.

  1. Functionality of air brake chambers

Air goes into the chamber causing the diaphragm dividing the chamber to expand and push against the push rod, which in turn pushes to the slack adjuster causing friction between the rod and brake shoes that result in the stopping of the vehicle.

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