Disconnect the ABS from the brakes

An ABS system, or anti-lock braking system are a complementary system to the braking one that helps in emergency braking situations to prevent the blocking of the wheels and offering a quick stop. But there may be cases in which the car doesn’t need ABS like drag-racers.

Follow these steps:

  1. Raise the car’s hood and look on the driver’s side for the ABS unit.
  2. Remove the bolts that hold the unit
  3. Disconnect the ABS unit from the engine compartment by cutting the metal brake lines connected to it
  4. Identify which is the front brake line and which is the rear. You have to cut the rear brake line and then mount a compression nut. You have to flare the edges of the rear lines with a double flare tool. The front lines will be connected with a ¼ inch T-fitting.
  5. Measure a new ¼ inch brake line to a length that reaches the combination valves to connect the front brake lines. Again use a compression nut on the end of it. Flare the edge. Onto the combination valve screw the line.
  6. Connect directly the original brake line with the combination valve and after sliding its nut into the line and double-flaring the end mount the line in the combination valve.
  7. For the end you have to bleed the brakes. For that consult a bleeding process article.
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