How to clean the brake lines of residues

Sometimes dust, debris and air may contaminate the brake lines and this will reduce the flow of the brake fluid. Eventually this may damage the entire brake system that will need replacement.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start the engine but put the vehicle in park.
    Now press the brake pedal like you when stopping the car and place a piece of wood under the pedal to maintain this level of pressure. Now you can clean the brake lines properly.
  2. If you don’t know where the brake fluid lines are, contact your manual. They should be just under the passenger side of the back tire. You must look for the bleeder line, a small clear tube with a cap on the end.
  3. Take off the cap and connect the opening and a container with a bleeder tube.
  4. After you identify the master cylinder, you have to siphon half of the fuel from it into the container.
  5. While a partner is pressing the brake pedal the fluid should pour out. When all the fluid is out let the cylinder fill again. Repeat this until the lines are clear.
  6. Pour brake fluid into the cylinder until it is filled to the line. Do the same steps for the remaining wheels.
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