How to combine filtered engine oil with diesel fuel

Many take advantage of the used engine oil, to turn it into diesel fuel for their car. It helps saving money and time because it’s the same thing as mixing gasoline with oil to obtain normal diesel. This practice is performed usually by bulldozers and backhoes.

First step is to check the oil for contaminants. If you notice anything at its surface or any smell, then the oil is not good for use.

Install the paint filtration system you buy from any hardware store. Make sure the container you install the filter on is made of HDPE. The connection should be made so that the filtration system is connected directly to the container.

Use a funnel at the systems input.

Pour in the selected oil. Make sure you pour carefully so that the funnel won’t overflow. The filter will remove any contaminant that would harm the engine.

Over the measured quantity of filtered oil, pour the same quantity of diesel fuel, and then mix them.

This is it, your fuel is ready to use as any other.

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