How to maintain your car

It’s extremely important to maintain your car in order to ensure the safety, comfort, reliability and the vehicle’s longevity. You can have optimum performance if you follow a schedule for maintaining the car.

  • Check the engine oil – the car’s performance depends a lot of the condition of the engine.
    It’s recommended to change and to top up the engine oil at every 10-15 days. The level of the engine oil is exhibited by the indicator.
  • Check the car breaks – for your own safety, check the breaks of the car. See if the pedal is too gentle to press or if it makes any noise. In case something like this occur, get them checked as soon as possible. The breaks become soft when the level of the brake fluid is too low. The noise is caused by dirt or dust that is accumulated on the brakes. Therefore, check the breaks frequently and in case of any issue go to a mechanic.
  • Check the electrical system – the electrical system of the car is extremely important for the functioning of the car, therefore regularly check it up in order to enjoy an optimum performance.
  • Check the tires – the tires of the car must be perfect. They have to be inflated right with the proper air pressure. Both low and high pressure will prevent smooth driving.
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