How to preserve the metallic paint on a car

Getting a metallic paint job will definitely make your car special, but knowing that it is quite expensive, after you get it, you should think about keeping it looking good for a long period of time. It is a job that requires regular application, but assures you lees money spending on a great looking car.

Follow these steps:

  1. First is washing.
    Wash the car with warm water and car shampoo, covering the entire vehicle, including the trunk surrounds and wheel arches. After that pour more clean water before letting it dry completely.
  2. Use paint cleaner on the painted surface to eliminate the dirt and contaminants that may affect it. After it dries wipe the cleaner with a clean towel.
  3. Even though many people don’t use it, pressing a piece of clay on the surface of the car will eliminate contaminants and protect the paint. Get rid of the clay when you finish and remember to clean the car with detailing spray.
  4. The next step is polishing. With an applicator pad, apply the polish evenly on the car’s surface and in a thick quantity. Using this will maintain the shiny look of the paint. Remember there is a distinction between wax and polish.
  5. The wax is intended after the polish to protect the clear coat. Note that if the wax is cheap it won’t last long enough. Use a cloth to apply it, evenly, on the entire surface, and then let it dry before you remove it completely.
  6. These procedures are to be performed twice a year along with regular washings of the car.
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