How to replace the oil on a AUDI A3 - 2006 model

It is in your benefit to change the oil on your car by yourself, this way you save money. With 4.5 quarts of synthetic oil and a paper filter to change the oil for you Audi A3 you need a large oil drain pan to avoid spilling oil on the road.

Follow these steps:

  1. Warm the oil by turning on the engine. Use your floor jack putting it behind the front wheels and raise your car on each side.
  2. Get the car on the jack stands after you mounted them on each side. Take a socket; take off the bolts holding the engine cover. Take off the cover.
  3. Pour the oil inside the oil drain using your drain pan, for 15 minutes. Then put back the plug in the drain.
  4. Remove the housing on the oil filter, and replace the old filter with the new one plus the O-ring. Pour some oil on the O-ring. Then clean the dirt.
  5. Twist back the housing of the oil filter, but not too hard so you will be able to remove it next time. Put back the engine cover too tightening the bolts.
  6. Get off the car from the jack stands and then pour 4.5 quarts of oil inside the engine. Then turn the engine on and off for a few minutes. Check to see if the oil tank is full.
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