It is important to adjust your air brakes manually

Usually large vehicles use air brakes as a braking system. There’s nothing more important than the drivers life so it is important to adjust your brakes manually. It doesn’t take long and it can even be done on any flat surface.

Follow these steps:

  1. Mount some chocks on the wheels for safety.
  2. Check the pressure in the braking system to be full. Let go the emergency brake and engage the air valve.
  3. Use chalk to mark the spot where the push rod leaves the air chamber. Now remove the push rod and measure the distance between the brake chamber and your mark.  It shouldn’t be more than 3 quarters of an inch long.
  4. Start turning the manual slack adjuster and make sure you are turning in the direction that air doesn’t leave the air chamber
  5. You tighten it until it starts to feel resistant to rotation. To prevent the linings from touching the drums loosen a little bit the adjuster like a quarter to a half turn.
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