Keep the brakes lines clean

Your vehicle’s brakes are the parts that keep you from hitting an obstacle on the road. At one time, they might start to fell spongy, and you may think there’s something really wrong. But all you need to do is too bleed the brake lines.

Follow these steps:

  1. Top off the master cylinder with fluid. Raise the back of the car with a floor jack. Get underneath the vehicle and look for the bleeder valve, where the brake fluid will come out from.
  2. Connect a rubber tube to the bleeder’s head, and put the other end in a container.
  3. Tell an assistant to turn on the engine and start pumping the brakes a few times. After that tell him to keep them pressed. Meanwhile you have to open the valve and allow the fluid to come out. Tell him to release the pedal when you close the valve.
  4. Don’t stop the process until you see there is no more air in the flow of fluid. This means this wheel is done. Get ahead to the next rear wheel. Don’t forget to refill the master cylinder and never allow the level to get below half.
  5. Always start with the wheel farthest from the master cylinder and advance your way to the front ones. Lower the car when you are finished and take the car on a test drive.
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