Keeping rust away and protecting the paint

A car is a significant investment thus, it’s important to know how to protect it from rust.
All vehicles have specific components made from steel, therefore all vehicles are prone to rust. There are some processes in the steel industry that make the metal more resistant to rust, but they don’t guarantee the prevention of this issue.
The chances of having your car rusting, depends on the driving conditions and the area where you live in.

Salt is one major factor that favorites the appearance of rust. Thus, if you live near the ocean, the humid air has a raised salt content that can hast the rust development. In colder climates, salt is used in winter for keeping the roads clear, so when driving over the salt-coated roads, the car is exposed to salt and rust can develop.

The first thing you should do to protect the car against rust is to wash the car. If theĀ  salt remains on the car for a longer period of time, it gets in touch with the metal parts of the car, the development of rustĀ  being greater. Always wash the underside in order to clean the frame from salt. This means that you should have your car washed at special places where they have undercarriage and steam cleaning. In case you are washing the car by yourself, spray the undercarriage. There are some nooks and crannies on the underside that need to be properly flushed out of salt.

Another important step is to have your car inspected in order to see the early signs of rust. Pay attention if there are any bubbles on the paint, check the frame, the engine, the exhaust system and the trunk compartment. These areas are more prone to rust because they can retain salt and moisture.

It’s important to act quickly in case of rust signs. If rust is left alone for a longer period of time, the damage will be bigger. You can find many treatments options in auto parts store or body shops. In case you don’t feel like applying these treatments by yourself, take the car to a body shop in order to fix the issue.


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