Keeping the car looking brand new

In order to extend the car’s service, you have to maintain it. One of the ways to maintain a car is to clean it. Don’t leave dirt on your car as it may damage some parts of the car.
Find bellow some tips for washing the car.

You can easily wash your car by yourself. It can be quite a fun activity that you can perform together with your family. Yet, most people prefer to go to a car wash to save time and energy.
The first step is to place the car to s shadowed area where you can feel comfortable. Select an open place which isn’t prone to dirt. Close all windows and doors before starting the washing process.

Take a sponge, bucket and car soap. It’s advisable to use warm water because it eases the cleaning process. Hose the roof and the tires. Then, with the sponge and the soapy water rub the car. Begin with the roof. Use the hose to remove the excess of the soap. Don’t move to another side before you rinse properly one side. After you finish all sides, give it a rinse.

Next, you have to dry the car using a towel. Start wiping the roof and them move on to the other sides. Clean the windows with window cleaner and dry them using a newspaper. Make sure you remove the water spots.

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