Know why engine oil is so important

There’s a lot more to win from changing the oil in an engine. The oil helps the engine remain clean, enlarging its running-life. If the car is old, then the oil must be replaced more often, on the other hand new car model maintain the oil clean more time.

The same principle applies if the car is used very often.

The engine needs constant lubrication, so this is where the oil interferes.  Because of its properties, the oil reduces friction between parts inside the engine, avoiding any early failure of the engine because of heat or wear, or even corrosion and oxidation.

The oil also has cleaning properties and helps at reducing the dirt that clogs the engine openings. The color black of the oil is ok, because it means the oil is cleaning stuff. So to know when it’s time to change the oil, just perform an oil analysis.

Like any consumable, oil gets old and needs to be replaced. The sooner it’s changed the better, so perform your routine maintenance. If you like you can add additives to enlarge the oils life.

A driver that has minimum knowledge about cars cannot detect when to oil needs replacement like a professional would. But the professionals always charge more so, you could think twice about this and learn to change the oil by yourself.


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