Learn now how to bleed the brake system

The hydraulic brake system on modern vehicles, use brake fluid through the master cylinder. If by anyhow, air gets into the system, the brakes will perform a lot weaker. The solution to this problem is to bleed the brakes and remove the air.

Follow these steps:

  1. Under the hood and near the firewall on the driver’s side there is the master cylinder. Open the cap after you clean it and check the brake fluid level. If it’s below the maximum level pour some more clean brake fluid until filled.
  2. After you loosen all the lug nuts holding the wheels, raise the car on jack stands. After the car is lifted you can completely remove the lug nuts and wheels.
  3. When you remove the wheel you will see a small valve with a nut. That’s the bleeder valve. Now connect plastic tubing to the valve and put the other end of the tube inside a container.
  4. You need an assistant that must press the brake pedal and then hold it pressed. While doing so you loosen the bleeder valve and air goes out of the system. Close the valve. The assistant now should press the pedal repeatedly. You stop when you see that air doesn’t come out any more, just brake fluid.
  5. Refill the master cylinder if needed
  6. Apply the same steps to the other wheels. Refill the master cylinder every time
  7. The bleeding is done. Lower the car, remove the jack stands and put back the wheels.
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