Learn to adjust the brake switch

Normally the brake switch serves at the activation of the brake lights when depressing the brake pedal. It can also activate and deactivate the cruise control, anti lock brakes or traction control. You can adjust many of the brake switches to compensate the wearing of the pedal pivot pins or rubber cushions.

This way you will have brake lights that activate and deactivate at the pressing and depressing of the brake pedal.

Follow these steps:

  1. Under the driver seat, up from the brake pedal there is the brake switch. Go and loosen its jamb nuts.
  2. To avoid twisting the wiring, disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the switch. To stop the lights in time and delay their activation, tighten the switch, and for the opposite loosen it. Because of its sensitivity the switch adjustment is done with one or two turns
  3. Reconnect the electrical connector. Tighten the jamb nuts and put the brake lights to a test. Verify their activation and deactivation


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