Learn to adjust you electric trailer brakes

To assure your trip will be safety you must have well-adjusted brakes on your trailer. Usually the brakes are controlled by the tow vehicle.  But in order to have a safe drive you need to adjust your brake shoes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Park the car on flat ground and place chocks on the wheels to the opposite side you will work on. Use a floor jack to raise the car with the wheel slightly off the ground.
  2. On the outside of the brake drum backing plate you will find the rubber access plug. Pry it out with a flat screwdriver
  3. Start rotating the wheel like it move forward. You have to tighten the star adjustment wheel to the moment you feel braking pressure.
  4. While moving the wheel in the same direction rotate the star adjuster in the opposite direction as the first time until the wheel rotates easily. Put back the rubber plug.
  5. Put down the car and repeat the actions for all the wheels.
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