Learn to bleed Harley motorcycle brake lines

When the brake lines become filled with air, the brake levers become soft and the braking power is seriously diminished. To solve this problem, you can bleed the lines and eliminate any air trapped inside.

Follow these steps:

  1. Look on the rear brake caliper for the bleeder valve.
    Insert one end of your plastic tubing inside the valve and the other end place it in a jar or plastic container.
  2. Now, remove the bolts that hold the reservoir cover from the master cylinder. Fill the reservoir with DOT 4 brake fluid until it is full.
  3. Open the bleeder valve with your 9mm wrench and start the bleeding. First push the rear brake and hold it pressed. Brake fluid will start to pour through the tube and air with it. Before releasing the brake, close the valve.
  4. Again loosen the valve and hold the brake. Repeat this until the fluid going through the tube is clear and without air. Don’t forget to fill the master cylinder.
  5. Close the bleeder valve, remove the tube and place the cap on the valve’s nipple. Put back the reservoir cover and tighten its bolts.
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