Learn to bleed your Brembo brakes

If you want to keep a functional braking system you need to bleed the brakes. The brake fluid presses against the brake pads, and the brake pads against the rotor. However, you may find yourself in the situation where there’s no more pressure in the system because of the trapped air.

You need to bleed the Brembo brakes to correct this.

Follow these steps:

  1. Loosen the lug nuts of every wheel with a tire wrench. After that jack the vehicle and place it on jack stands.
  2. Completely remove the wheels.
  3. Locate the bleeder valve on the passenger’s side wheel. It usually has a hole on top of it. This is what you will use for the bleeding process.
  4. Use a box-end wrench to open the bleeder valve. Just place it on for the moment, don’t start rotating it.
  5. Connect a plastic tube to the bleeder valve making sure it is strongly fitted. Insert the other end into a half filled jar.
  6. Ask an assistant to pump the brake pedal and then hold it pressed. While so, open the bleeder valve. After that fluid will start pouring through the tube and into the jar. Look for air bubbles into the flow.
  7. Before you ask your assistant to release the pedal, tighten the screw
  8. While you bleed the system you must check the level of the fluid in the master cylinder. It must not get below minimum level. You can find the master cylinder under the hood near the engine. If needed refill the reservoir.
  9. Repeat the same procedures to the other rear wheel, and then to the front wheels. Don’t forget to refill the master cylinder when the level gets low.
  10. Mount the wheels back and tighten the lug nuts.
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