Learn to change the pads on drum brakes

Because drum brakes are so less encountered, replacing them can be a difficult job for inexperienced persons.  Even though repairing them is not so difficult, you must know some a little about the parts inside them to make it an easier job.

Follow these steps:

  1. First loosen the lug nuts on the wheels.
    Then lift the car and place it on jack stands. Just now you can remove the wheels completely.
  2. Remove the drum. Tap it with a hammer and pull it.
  3. Use the spring tool to remove the shoe hold-down spring from each shoe.
  4. Now, use the needle nosed pliers to remove the return springs from the top of the brake shoes.
  5. Now disconnect the adjuster level spring off the primary shoe and pull the shoes away from the wheel cylinder.
  6. Connect the primary shoe with the adjuster and then the wheel cylinder. Now connect the top of it with its spring and the bottom with the adjuster level spring.
  7. Connect the adjuster level into the secondary shoe. Now put the top of the secondary shoe inside the notch of the wheel cylinder. Use again the pliers to attach the secondary shoe spring.
  8. Put inside the hole in the shoe the shoe-holding spring post. Now lock it into place after putting the spring and cap over it. For the other shoe to the same thing.
  9. Put back the brake drum on the shoe.
  10. Mount the wheel back and lower the car on the ground.
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