Learn to perform a waterless car wash

This is an environmental friendly alternative to a traditional car wash that consumes a lot of water. You need to get petroleum –based cleaning agents or organic agents made of plant extracts. This task is easy and it can be performed at home.

Follow these steps:

  1. The garage is a good place to wash the car, or if the weather is good, do it outside. The weather conditions should not be cold or windy.
  2. When applying the solution begin with the top surface. You either spray it or apply it with a cloth. Don’t waste the product but cover the entire surface of the car. In case the solution has wax in it, avoid getting it on the windows. Wait 15 minutes or less for the product to work on the dirt.
  3. With a clean cloth remove the solution from the top. It shouldn’t be very hard. Then advance to the doors and the rest of the car. For dirtier surfaces, you must apply more solution.
  4. When finished, you need to wipe again the entire car with a clean cloth using circular movements.

Remember that waterless washing doesn’t work for extremely dirty cars.

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