Learn to remove a Lifter Tick

Lifters activate the engine valves. There are several elements that provoke the tick on a lifter. These are lifter wearing, low oil pressure, or a buildup of carbon and the old age of the engine.

Hearing a tick is not affecting the engine but it definitely means it’s time to do maintenance.

Now, follow these steps:

  1. Adding Sea Foam is step 1. Turn on the engine, locate the brake booster and remove it. Then put the Sea Foam inside the engine through the booster line until you pour about one third of a can. Now stop the engine, put back the brake booster and wait for at least an hour to restart the car.
  2. Now, take another half filled can of Sea Foam and pour it where you pour the oil. Sea Foam is an additive and will clean the engine and eventually stop the tick. Keep the Sea Foam inside for a few days then change the oil. The last step is to pour some Sea Foam into the gas tank to complete the cleaning.
  3. Another cause to the ticking may be old oil. So perform an oil change and filter too. This way the engine will be better lubricated and the lifter too.
  4. Don’t use thin oil. Use a more viscous one because it drains out of the lifter slower. A good try would be the 10W-30 oil, try it and see.
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