Learn to replace old drum brakes

The difference between disc brakes and rear drum brakes is that the last ones use brake shoes instead of brake pads. If when you brake you hear grinding sounds from the back or if the vehicle shifts to one side, then this are signs you need to replace you rear drum brakes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Lift the back of the vehicle and place it on jack stands.
    Remove the lug nuts holding the wheels and take them off. Engage the parking brake and fix the front wheels. First, mark the relationship between the drum and the axle with chalk, then cut the pressed metal washers and remove the drum.
  2. In order to reach the brake hoes easier, you can remove the hub and searing assembly. Before starting to work on the brake assembly, clean it with brake cleaning spray.
  3. Now dismount each spring from the back shoe and remove this one and the adjuster level. Next disconnect the adjuster screw assembly and then the front shoe. Next remove the back shoe connected to the parking brake lever.
  4. Again use the cleaner spray to clean the backing plate. Use high-temperature grease to lubricate the places where the shoes touch the threads and socket of the adjuster screw assembly.
  5. Install a new back shoe with the parking brake lever. Reconnect the adjuster screw assembly with the back shoe and then reinstall the adjuster level.
  6. Make sure that the new brake shoe that you install on the backing plate connects with the adjuster screw assembly. Reconnect all the springs you disconnected earlier.
  7. Slip the brake drum onto the new shoes so that they won’t rub.
  8. Now go to the other rear wheel and repeat the same procedure.
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