Learn to reset the Oil Service for a 320D BMW

When the car needs regular service and maintenance the BMW 320D has some tracking system that displays reminder lights on the control panel. Therefore an oil change is reminded using the oil service indicator. But the system must be reset when the oil change was performed in order to start again the monitoring of the oil.

It’s a job you can do yourself if the mechanic doesn’t do it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Set the ignition to “Off”
  2. On the instrument panel press and hold the trip odometer reset button
  3. Set the ignition to the first position
  4. When “Oil service reset” appears on the panel release the button
  5. Again press and hold the trip odometer button as long as “reset” flashes on and off
  6. For the last time press and release the trip odometer button. The reset is confirmed by the “End Sia” display on the panel
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