Learn to reset the Oil Service for a Mini

The BMW’s Mini has a Service interval display that tells when an oil change is required. It’s located near the odometer. First, change the oil and after reset the light.

The job is very easy and doesn’t require special measures.

Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the key of the car and locate the trip odometer button. Press it and hold it and also set the ignition to “I”. Wait to see the “51A” message on the instrument panel.
  2. After releasing the button wait a few seconds and hold it again for 5 seconds. Now release the button when you see the “RST” message.
  3. The lights should be switched off if you press the button once more and wait for the message “15000”, then release the button and turn off the car.
  4. In the end turn on the car and check the oil service light.
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