Learn to use the car scratch remover

Certainly at some point in your car’s life time, the shiny paint will get damaged by a scratch. But with the car scratch remover, you have nothing to worry about.

Follow these steps:

  1. Mix some water and car soap and apply it on the car to remove any grime you might have picked up.
    Use only good soap; you can get it from local automotive suppliers.
  2. After washing it wipe the surface of the car with a clean towel.
  3. Connect the pad to the buffer. Now take the scratch remover compound and apply it in the center and outer edge of the pad. Don’t over soak it.
  4. Now place the pad just over the scratch and move it a little so that the compound gets into the scratch.
  5. Turn the buffer on at 1400 RPM. Shift the buffer back and forth and don’t stop until the scratch has disappeared.
  6. With another clean towel clean any excess compound that remained on the scratched area.
  7. Take away the wool buffing pad from the buffer and place the foam buffing pad. Now use the buffer on the entire car, in the end wiping it again with a towel.
  8. Now apply wax to the paint on an even quantity. Get only high quality wax.
  9. Use again the buffer on all the waxed area to have in the end one good looking shiny car.
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