Learn what are the classifications of engine oil

Engine oil is the thing that’s keeps you engine running for many years. It reduces friction between pieces upgrading the engine life. The oil is classified by grades, depending on its energy efficiency.

These grades are:

  1. SAE Monograde. This is one of the two SAE classifications (Society of Automotive Engineers) : SAE Monograde and SAE Multigrade. The grade is something like “SAE xx” where “xx” is the level of viscosity at which the engine functions. Example: SAE 30.
  2. SAE Multigrade. Opposite to Monograde, this works better in wide-ranging temperatures. For example the SAE 10W-30 that is used especially in the winter, and has a viscosity of 10 at start-up. The level 30 is the normal conditions viscosity level.
  3. Another classification is the API (American Petroleum Institute) grading. So  the rating is done with 2 letters. The first is an S that is oil for gasoline engines or a C for diesel engines. The second shows how new and advanced the oil is.
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