Maintenance procedures for you truck's air brakes

Taking into consideration the weight of a large truck, trying to drive it on a steep mountain road could seriously affect the air brakes. In this case here you will learn some preventive measures to protect the brakes and assure their functioning.


Air Lines

You must keep the air lines free of damage. Try to drain the air tank daily to prevent moisture from building up in the system. This could seriously affect braking in cold weather.

2. Brake Pads

Again check for damage and also oil leaks on the pads. The thickness of the brake pads should be about a quarter of an inch.

3. Slack Adjuster

Keep them in good shape to make sure the pressure applied to the brakes is equal, and the pads won’t wear out unevenly.

4. Air Pressure

For proper function the air tank should have a pressure of 100 to 140 pounds per square inch. Wrong pressure is also alerted in the cabin with a warning light.

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