Manual brake system bleeding

The process of replacing the old brake fluid is recommended to be performed every 2 or 3 years, or when the brakes start to feel spongy. After the bleeding, the system will be free of air bubbles trapped inside and also clean.

Follow these steps:

  1. Place the vehicle on four jack stands at a level high enough so you can work efficiently to the wheels.
  2. Take all the wheels off
  3. Locate the bleeder bolts just behind the rear wheels and loosen them almost all the way.
  4. You must remove the old brake fluid from the master cylinder and place it in a bottle.
  5. Connect with a plastic tubing the bleeder bolt and a plastic bottle. While so you have to fill the master cylinder with clean brake fluid.
  6. Ask an assistant to press the brake pedal. When so, loosen the bleeder valve a little and ask the assistant to take away the foot from the pedal. You will see the old fluid pouring inside the bottle. You stop the process when the fluid pouring out is clean. Tighten the bleeder bolt and remove the tubing.
  7. Steps 3-6 apply to the other wheels as well
  8. Put back the wheel on the vehicle
  9. Lower the car to the ground. See if the brakes are working at maximum capacity.
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