Preparing the car before being left unused

In case you are going to leave abroad for a longer period of time, you should consider preparing your car before leaving it unused. It’s important to take care of the engine in order for the car to work properly when you come back.

You have to use a vehicle jack and stands.

The car should be stored indoors for security reasons. Yet, if you don’t have a garage, leave the car outside covered with a tarpaulin.
Lift the car with the vehicle jack. Use 4 jack stands in order for the car not to stand on the tires.

The tires lose air pressure even if they aren’t used and if they become flat they will break.
Lift one tire using the vehicle jack. As you lift the tire place a jack stand to support that side of the car. As the stand reaches the car, slowly lower the jack. repeat these steps for all tires. the jack stand must be placed on the 4 sides. However, cars have different structure, so it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure that the emergency brake isn’t engaged. In case it remains engaged, the pads will not work when you will be using the car. You don’t have to worry about the moving away of the car because its tires were lifted. You have to detach the battery. Always check the battery before storing it. The water inside should be at the standard point so that it can function when you use it next time.

If you are leaving your car for months, it’s advisable to empty the fuel tank. In this way, you avoid any accidents that might occur while you are away. Moreover, in case fuel remains in the tank it can form moisture that can make the tank rust.
Even if you leave the car inside a garage, cover it with a tarpaulin in order to keep it clean.

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