Problems with the clutch cable

The clutch helps disconnect the wheels from the engine. There are parts like the clutch cable that keeps the things going on perfectly, and the gear shifts with no problem. But the cable could break or stretch and will see what happens when this event occurs.

A hard pedal; this is one of the situations a clutch cable could break therefore making the pedal remain on the floor not returning to the initial position. The solution is replacing it.

Another problem is clutch slipping. This means the gear slides to another position then the one indicated. This can occur when driving on a hill or when accelerating at high speed.

If the cable is broken or broken, the gear may not shift therefore making the vehicle stay in place, even though it’s geared up.

It could also be a problem with the leaking of the clutch cable. Such a problem may occur if the cable is broken or detached. You can reconnect the cable and solve the problem if the latter is the problem.

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