Remove the air from your ATV brake lines

You have to keep your ATV in top condition for you and others safety. At some moment the brake lines need bleeding. If this job is not performed the breaks might feel too hard or too soft.

The job is simple and doesn’t take long.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the bleeder valves located attached to the brake line hose
  2. Locate the master cylinder and open its top. Search behind the fenders
  3. Put a friend on the front seat and take your protection glasses and gloves
  4. On one of the bleeder valves attach a rubber hose that you will put in a clean container
  5. Your friend should now pump the brake pedal and keep it pressed. Get out the fluid from the hose by loosening the bleeder valve. Finally tighten the valve.
  6. Do this until there is no more air in the fluid. Now the brakes are bled.
  7. Pour the fluid collected to top off the master cylinder
  8. Take off the hose and use a rag to clean the bleeder valve.
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