Sea foam - an engine oil additive

The additive helps the car run longer and better by cleaning the engine of all the dirt. One example of oil additive is the sea foam. As a treatment it’s recommended to use the sea foam when changing the oil or just to clean the engine one time.

This way, your engine will last longer, will break harder and your car will run better a longer time. Also you save money with the repairs that could encounter.

Follow these steps to add the foam:

  1. Take of the oil filter cover after you located it
  2. Pelt the Sea Foam through the funnel in the oil support.
  3. Drive for 30 minutes or 30 miles
  4. Afterwards, wait till the engine has cooled and perform a normal oil change.
  5. This is it. Be careful to verify the oil and change it when it’s too dirty.
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