Some advice in changing the brake shoes of your Ford Focus

The rear brakes on a Focus are drum brakes, unlike the front ones which are disc brakes. The car stops in the moment you press the pedal because of the pressure applied by the shoe against the inside of the drum. But too much use will damage the shoe and it will need replacement.

To change the shoe, follow these steps:

  1. Just loosen the lug nuts holding the wheel to make it easy to remove the wheel after lifting the car. Don’t go all the way just loosen them a little.
  2. Pull the parking brake and change to 1st gear.
  3. Use a floor jack to lift the car.
  4. Now to stable the car place a jack stand on each side under the pinch welds in the rear of the vehicle and lower the car on them
  5. Now you can completely remove the wheels.
  6. Take the drum off after removing the four 13 mm bolts that hold the spindle on. It may go out hard so you may need to hit the drum to get it off. So take a metal hammer and hit the side of the drum until it is released.
  7. Now remove the return spring for every brake shoe.
  8. Take the brake shoe removal tool and place it over the retainer clip. Turn the tool counterclockwise after pressing the “in” button. This way the brake shoe will come off.
  9. Now mount the new shoe and to the same thing as in step 8 but reversed.
  10. Put back all the bolts, spindle and other pieces removed earlier.
  11. Replace the wheel and only hand tighten the lug nuts. Do this in a criss-cross pattern.

Get the car back on the ground and now fully tighten the lug nuts. Check the brakes first before driving the car.

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