Some procedures to improve the braking performance

Damaged brake present a real threat especially for larger vehicle with a lot of weight to stop. You can never tell when your brakes will fail but you can check and adjust them to increase their performance.

Follow these steps:

  1. Verify if the air chamber stroke is exceeding the normal limits and if one slack adjuster has to be replaced then all of them should be replaced.
  2. Always when servicing cam brakes replace the rollers, bushings, anchor and springs. Always when the brakes are realigned, replace the return springs.
  3. Always check that the crack pressure of the new replacement valves is the same with the old ones. If one has different pressure the system will be unbalanced.
  4. When you replace the brake lines, make sure you replace them all. This way you will know they wear out at the same time and also the system will be more balanced.
  5. Don’t change the type of the cam when you replace it.
  6. The cam rollers should always be lubricated. Apply lubricant directly on the pocket of the web roller to prevent wear and weak performance.
  7. Make sure all the pieces you use are original pieces from the manufacturer again to increase the life and performance of the brakes.
  8. Check the system’s air supply for water and contaminants.
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