Some tips you will need before bleeding the brakes

The brake fluid in a braking system has the purpose of transferring the stopping force from the master cylinder to the wheels. Because of the heat, the fluid boils and creates vapors that get in the system and decreases the braking ability. To repair this problem you need to bleed the system once in a while.

Using the proper tools

There are some things you will need like a box-end wrench, extra brake fluid and a plastic tube that fits the bleeder screw. You will need a canister to catch the fluid in. Also check the sizes of the wrench to fit the screws.

Make sure that before you lift the car, you loosen the lug nuts that hold the wheels. This will make it easier for you to remove them after you jack the car. And more importantly make sure that the car stable on the ground.

Remove old fluid with a turkey baster and after that clean the reservoir of contaminants with a clean lint-free rag. Top off the cylinder before starting to work and maintain the level at least half full while bleeding the brakes.

You will need an assistant. Ask him to maneuver the brake pedal, meaning to push it and keep it pressed.

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