The use of corrosion inhibitors

It’s advisable to prevent and deal with rust and corrosion, because otherwise it may have a big impact on you. Find bellow some tips regarding the use of a chemical additive, such as corrosion inhibitor, for avoiding any inconvenience or costs.

  • In order to keep a vehicle functioning and on the road, use corrosion inhibitors for the likes of screen wash, break fluids and radiator water.
    These items can cause rust to the metal parts with which they get into contact.
  • Add chemicals to lubricants, gearbox oil and engine oil in order to avoid the metals to rust.
  • It’s advisable to add corrosion inhibitors in the delivering and pumping fuel process, as this implies the coming into contact with lots of metal.
  • Fuel must be stored without the corrosion of the tanks, thus it’s important to add the proper chemicals in order to avoid the costs for repairing or replacements.
  • The corrosion inhibitors can also be used in the home. There are certain domestic lubricants used for the bike chains, garden sheers or rusted scissors. All these can include chemical additive.
  • Inhibitors are used for avoiding the pipes to be corroded by the fluids that run through them. This will save you the money spent on maintenance issues.
  • In construction, the metals used can get rust because of the weather conditions. Using these chemicals, can protect the metals, irrespective of the conditions.
  • For the water system maintenance, you can add corrosion inhibitors for reducing the contamination risk.
  • These additives can be added when painting metals, like park railings, cars or bridges, for protecting them against corrosion.
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