Truck brake shoes changing procedures

It is important to replace the brake shoes from you truck’s brakes when needed. The rear drum brakes are additional to the front disc brakes and must be kept in good shape. The rear brakes on a manual transmission car are the park brakes.

Changing procedures:

  1. Get the vehicle on a flat working area. Fix the wheels with chocks and lift the truck up with a jack and place it on stands. Unscrew the rear wheels to work on them.
  2. Remove the brake drum. Ht it with a hammer if it’s stuck. You can also access the adjuster screw through the backing plate and retract the brake shoes.
  3. Look inside for leakage and wearing, use brake cleaner. To have a quick reference to look at remove the return springs one by one.
  4. Disconnect form the rearward shoe and anchor pin the actuator link. Remove the spring assemblies. Above the hub is the parking brake strut. Remove it. Remove the brake shoe adjuster. Use lubricant on the threads and clean the adjuster. Remove the old brake shoes.
  5. Clean the backing plate with spray. With an emery cloth make the shoe-contact points even and lubricate them. Now take the new brake shoes and install them. Reverse the steps. Maintain them clean of dust and grease.
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