Truck brakes manual adjustment

You can only adjust the rear drum brakes on a truck so it’s important that you protect your front disk brakes having to compensate for the rear brake’s low performance. There is a quite general way how to adjust the brakes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Raise the car on a lift and remove the rear wheels.
  2. Look for brake adjustment portholes on the back of the backing plate. Better you remove the drums first before you decide on the correct adjustment application. Remove the rubber portholes adjustment plugs.
  3. When trying to remove the drum you may notice that it’s stuck because of rust or corrosion. Use a hammer to smack the hub and release the drum. If a ridge or a lip keeps the drum hung up on the shoes then punch out the recessed indentations and after that de-adjusts the rear shoes. Finally remove the drum.
  4. At the top or bottom of the rear brake system is the star wheel adjuster mechanism. Align the porthole with the star wheel and if you haven’t punched out the recessed indentations do so.
  5. Now start turning the star wheel in a direction. Notice is the threads attached to the star wheel retract then you are de-adjusting the brake. In the other direction the screw will expand and the shoes will move outwards, this being the correct direction to rotate the star wheel.
  6. Put back the pieces for the rear drum and wheel.
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