Use Vegetable oil to dilute the diesel fuel

What is diesel oil? It is a fossil fuel that will consume at one point. Maybe someday fossil fuels will be replaced by vegetative oils, called biofuel. It is said that biofuels have more combustive efficiency.

So let’s use biofuel. But this is not possible without diluting the diesel oil to use it.

  1. Pour some oil inside a support, and measure it.
  2. The dilution is done like this. For every gallon of oil, which is around 128 ounces, you pour ¼ of this quantity of vegetable oil, therefore 32 ounces.
  3. Do the measuring very carefully and don’t over pour it. Take notice of the viscosity and volatility of vegetable oil to avoid engine damage. Better less than more.
  4. After the measurements are done, combine the two oils
  5. Now mix the combination a few minutes until it’s ready to use.


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