Using pressure washing to clean your car

There are many car owners who are determined to keep their cars nice and shiny all the time. Actually, there are some people who consider that the cleanliness of their car reflects their own cleanliness. To have a clean car, you need to clean your car during weekends and every time it gets dirty.
Going to the car wash may be quite expensive though. Therefore, a good way to save money is to purchase a pressure washer. Having a pressure washer allows you to wash your car anytime you want to. Moreover, you will be saving fuel because you won’t have to drive to the car wash station.

The pressure washer is a cleaning equipment designed for an easier cleaning of the surfaces. It has a pressurized stream of water that is powerful enough to remove most dirt off a solid surface. This cleaning equipment has an assortment of attachments and accessories that allows you to customize the stream of water accordingly. Moreover, there are even some brush attachments that you can use in order to brush and pressure wash at the same time.

In case you are using a pressure washer for the first time, it’s important to know hoe much PSI – pounds per square inch, your units have. Too much pressure can damage and strip off the paint off your car. 1,000-1,500 PSI is the proper measure. In case the unit generates more, you have to adjust the pressure accordingly. In case you cannot adjust it, you need to attach a nozzle with a wider fan spray. It”s advisable  to start pressure washing from a 10 feet distance, in this way minimizing the impact of the pressurized water with your car. Then you can reduce the distance until you get the right cleaning effect.

Another advantage of having a pressure washer is that you can use it for other tasks, such as for cleaning your garage, driveway, walkway, concrete walls etc.

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