What motives you have to bleed ABS brakes

The benefits of an anti-lock braking system are a miracle. They help braking in emergency situations without having the wheels stuck. To assure the working of the ABS system you need to bleed the system from time to time to remove any trapped air from the system.

Soft brakes

Because of the air trapped in the system, you will feel that the brake is a little soft, or spongy. This is because the air must be first compressed and then the brake fluid, so the brakes will respond a little later than usual.

Uneven brake pressure

Because of the air the brakes may apply unevenly causing premature wearing of the parts. You may notice that the brake pads on one side of the car are more worn than on the other side. This is a sign you need to bleed the system. Because of the unbalance between the brakes, in an emergency situation you may lose control of the vehicle after braking.

Brake failure

If you don’t perform regular replacement of the brake fluid, the brakes may damage. Because of the air, the fluid also gets contaminated and causes the loss of the brakes if used heavily. The conclusion is you may find yourself in a very dangerous situation if you never bleed your ABS brake system.

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