Basic motorcycle repair and maintenance

Everybody would like to spend less money on repairing or maintaining the motorcycle. Irrespective of the model and of the age, motorcycles need basic maintenance for ensuring safety and good performance.

What to use: motorcycle, basic tool kit.

  • Pay attention to the brake fluid reservoirs. Brake fluids absorb moisture over time, thus it’s recommended to use new bottle when filling it.
  • Pay attention to the tires to be properly inflated. Check the pressure regularly. In case you find a tread deeper than 2mm, you must change the tire for safety reasons.
  • It’s recommended to lubricate the chains each time you fill up the gas. Replace the shaft oil each time you change the engine oil and verify the belt tension often to see if it’s clean.
  • It’s advisable to change the oil every 10k miles in order for the engine to function for a longer period of time. When starting the engine, always check the oil.
  • Once a month check the battery and make sure is 100% charged. Usually a motorcycle battery looses 1% of the charging energy just by standing in the garage.
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