Choosing the proper gas scooter

When purchasing a scooter you must take into consideration the miles that you are going to drive each day. Thus, if you will drive few miles, then you need a small engine. If you will drive many miles per day, then you need a larger engine.


  • Go to a scooter store and see what types of scooters are available. Scooters that have a 50cc engine will get 100 mpg but will not run more than 40 mph. Scooters with a larger engine, 150cc-250cc will run 60 mph, but the gas mileage will be lower.
  • Choose the style of the scooter that you want to buy. Style influences the price of a scooter.
  • Try to get prices for different scooters in order to be able to make the right choice for your pocket.
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