Inspecting a used motorcycle for ensuring it has a good condition

The key element to find the right used motorcycle is to make sure that it was properly treated. For finding out about the fitness of a motorcycle you have to ask the owner, check the vehicle and when you arrive home, review what you have learned.

What to use: notepad, motorcycle inspection tools.

  • Before going to see the motorcycle, it’s advisable to interview the seller about the motorcycle, ask about the mechanical condition and about its history of use and maintenance. Ask if there is any problem with the bike. In this way, you can schedule to see only those motorcycles that are worth seeing.
  • Inspect the motorcycle, see the VIN, check the tires, pay attention to the fluids and to the motor, assess the electrical system. Have a test ride.
  • It’s important to separate the inspection stage and the negotiation stage in order for you to be able to review your findings.
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