Making a gas scooter seat more comfortable

You can improve your scooter seat easily, depending on how much time and money you are going to invest.

What to use: seam ripper, razor blade, replacement pad, glue, staple gun, fabric, pencil, scissors, slip-on seat cover.

  • Find the proper seat for you that helps you create a right alignment while you are sitting on the bike.
  • Find the right style for the seat that you want to change, it may look like a bike, like a motorcycle or like a bench.
  • Take off the seat and remove its cover using a razor blade in order to see the type of the padding that you have.Glue another material layer to the scooter’s seat.
  • You can add more layers of padding on the scooter seat, but keep in mind the fact that adding more padding will make the seat smaller, so you might need to change this as well.
  • For padding you can use foam or gel seats.
  • When selecting the fabric for your seat consider the fact that it has to be durable and to resist to different weather conditions. Use the old fabric to trace the shape. Use a staple gun to affix the fabric to the seat cushion.
  • You can put an extra cover on the existing one.
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