Picking the proper size motorcycle

It is extremely important to buy a motorcycle that has the proper overall size that fits you.

What to use: access to several different sizes and styles of motorcycles.

  • To find which is the best size for you, you need to try more motorcycles.
    You can address to motorcycle dealers in order to have access to various types of motorcycles.
  • When you sit on the motorcycle, while holding it up and stepping across to straddle the seat, you have to be able to keep the feet planted on the ground. Try this position when looking for the proper motorcycle.
  • Make sure you can reach the handle bars. Sit comfortable on the motorcycle and see if you can hold both hands rests on the handles. Reach to pull the clutch and brake levers on the handlebars. The thumb must remain locked around the the grip of the handle bar.
  • Make sure that while reaching the feet towards the shift and brake lever on either side, you feel comfortable and that you don’t need to stretch.
  • The moment you find the right motorcycle for you, sit on it for a while and see that it’s still comfortable for you. Don’t forget that while you are on a motorcycle you must feel safe and comfortable.
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