Purchasing a used motorcycle

Pay attention when purchasing a used motorcycle. Consider your safety while driving it.


  • You must be aware from the very beginning that you will have to change some spare parts in the first few months.
    Spare parts wear and tear in time.
  • Verify the wheels, the tires and the wheel balancing. Inflate the tire to the proper pressure and check if there are any cracks or holes.
  • Check if there are any fluid leaks at the engine.
  • Check if the motorcycle is in a good shape by pulling back on the throttle and letting it go. When it snaps back, it means that it’s in good shape.
  • Check the brakes by pressing the front brake and, while the front wheel off the ground, let the brake go and spin the wheel. Make sure there is no stickiness.
  • Check the front fork as this is very important for the suspension, balance and steering control. make sure there are no bends on cracks.
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