Repairing motorcycle tires

See bellow directions for fixing a tubeless motorcycle tire.

What to use: tire plugging tool, pliers, auger, plugs, cement/glue, CO2 cartridge/tire pump.

  • Find what caused the flat tire.
    If you cannot find the cause, use some soapy water and rub it over the tire. Look for bubbles.
  • Use an auger tool and clean the hole. Keep in mind the fact that  torn tires cannot be fixed, they mus be replaced.
  • Use glue or cement to seal properly. Read the instructions on the repair kit.
  • Take the plugging material and insert it into the tire plugging tool. The drive rod has to make contact with the plug. Put the end of the tool against the puncture and screw the rod so that the nozzle gets into the puncture. The plunger needs to be screwed into the nozzle.
  • In the tire hole insert the plug and keep pushing the drive rod in order to force the plug through. Take a pliers and pull the plug easily until it stretches to 2 inches. Remove the tail sticking out from the repair after you release the plug.
  • In order to set properly, the plug needs to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use a CO2 cartridge or a tire pump to inflate the tire.
  • You have to test the repair made to the tire. Drive the motorcycle slowly for the first 15 minutes and then check the pressure of the tire. In case air leaks from the repair, take out the plug and do the previous steps again.
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